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Senior Travel Costa Rica was founded with the purpose of providing a specialized travel service focused on the older population, aimed to provide the best advice travel and tourism options, according to the needs and preferences of the people and their families. We are a travel agency owned by AGECO (Costa Rican Association for the Elderly), an organization dedicated, since 1980, to promote an active and dignified aging for older adults and their families in Costa Rica. The projects and programs of the Association are oriented to the elderly population of Costa Rican territory and financed by Senior Travel Costa Rica.


Our mission is to provide the elderly population with access to quality recreational experiences, not only for themselves but for their friends and families.


Our vision is based on creating a different and specialized alternative to the elderly population, full of warm values, security and support to the needs of these persons.


We develop, promote and implement tourist products according to the requirements of relaxation and enjoyment of the elderly people.

We apply technical assessment instruments developed by the geriatric team from AGECO, to determine if the different services and travel providers, actually know the needs and requirements of both physical accessibility and customer service and benefits (those stipulated by Law No. 7935) to suit the needs and preferences of elderly people.

We generate preferential deals and special hotel rates for the adult population.

We encourage the business tourism sector and the generation of products ideal for the elderly, according to your needs.

We service different market segments through the evaluation of the preferences and needs of the elderly.

  • Exclusive Tours.
  • One Day Tours.
  • Tour packages inside and outside the country.
  • Domestic Flight Services.
  • Individual Reservations.


As part of our duty to Costa Rican society, we create partnerships with small and medium tourism companies by promoting and marketing the goods and services they offer.

In order to promote the practice of sustainable tourism, Senior Travel Costa Rica offers ecotourism, rural community tourism and cultural tourism, among others, in addition to helping to strengthen tourism groups through strategic alliances with other service providers such as tour operators, transport companies and hotels.


Do I need a passport to enter Costa Rica?

A valid passport is required to enter the country, with a validity of at least six months before expiration.

Do I need a visa to come to Costa Rica?

Depending on your nationality you may need a visa, so it is better to check the list of countries that do, which is published in the web site of the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería. Citizens who have passports of the United States, Canada and most European countries usually do not need a visa.

Can I enter Costa Rica with a one-way air ticket?

All visitors must have a round trip ticket as a requirement to enter the country.

What is the currency of Costa Rica?

Our official currency is the Costa Rican colón (CRC), but U.S. dollars and credit cards are commonly accepted in most of the commerce and tourist sites.

Can I use credit cards in Costa Rica?

All major credit cards are accepted. Also you’ll find ATMs located all throughout the country.

What kind of vaccines do I need to enter Costa Rica?

From July 30, 2007, the Costa Rican authorities require travelers coming from the following countries: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Department of Guyana, to be in possession of a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

What documents are required to enter a dog or a cat to Costa Rica?

All dogs and cats entering Costa Rica must have a health certificate, issued by a veterinarian and endorsed by a veterinary service. The physical examination of your pet should be made two weeks before the date of travel. The required vaccinations are: distemper, hepatitis, lestospirosis, parvovirus and rabies (for animals 4 months or older).

How much is the cost of the departure tax?

The departure tax is equivalent to U.S. $ 28, payable in dollars, colones or with a credit card.

If I decided to stay longer, can I get a visa while I'm in Costa Rica?

Visitors entering the country with a 30 days visa, can make arrangements with the Direction of Immigration to extend it for 90 days. A longer stay is not permitted without leaving the country.

Are there domestic airlines that fly throughout the country?

Yes, there are local airlines such as SANSA or Nature Air, which offer established routes to different destinations in the country. We can arrange a domestic flight plan for you.

What number should I call to in case of an emergency?

Call 911 for immediate assistance.

Is the water drinkable in Costa Rica?

The water is potable in most parts of the country.

Is there a train service in Costa Rica?

Yes, there is a train service in San Jose that performs the following routes: from San José to Heredia and vice versa; and from Curridabat to Pavas and vice versa.

What is the difference between the rain forest and the cloud forest?

The main difference is that the amount of rain that falls in the rainforest is bigger. The flora and fauna species also differ from one forest type to the other.

Are National Parks accessible for people with physical disabilities?

The national parks that provide access to people with physical disabilities are: Poás Volcano National Park, Irazú Volcano National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal National Park and Carara Biological Reserve. Other parks don’t have these facilities.

Is there a package or tour that includes services for people with physical disabilities?

Yes, Senior Travel Costa Rica offers its customers, packages that suit different kinds of disabilities. Some tours even include a paramedic, if required. Medical services are also available at the Clínica Católica, Hospital Clínica Bíblica and Hospital Cima.

Do I need an electric adapter for my hair drier?

Costa Rica uses 110 volts outlets, with standard 3 plug plates.

What should I bring to the rainforest?

All you need is insect repellent, a raincoat and sport shoes or water boots.

What should I bring to the beach?

Sun block, swimsuit, insect repellent, sunglasses, and sandals.

When are the Limón and Puntarenas carnivals held in Costa Rica?

The Limon Carnival takes place in October, and the Puntarenas Carnival between February 21 and March 3.

Where can I observe the turtles nesting season in Costa Rica?

You can go to Tortuguero National Park in the Caribbean and the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific.

Which are the boundaries of Costa Rica?

North: Nicaragua
South: Panamá
West: Pacific Ocean
East: Atlantic Ocean

What is the political division of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago, San José, Puntarenas, Limón and Guanacaste.

Do I need an international driver's license to drive in Costa Rica?

It is allowed to drive with your country's license for a period of three months.

What is the sales tax in Costa Rica?

Sales tax is 13% of the item price.

If I want to rent a car, what are the requirements?

  • To have a license registered in your country and up to date
  • To present your actual passport.
  • To have at least 21 years of age.
  • The rental rates include unlimited mileage on more than three days rentals.
  • Collision insurance, tipping and liability for damage to third parties are required by law.
  • The daily rental rate does not include security deposit, fuel, additional driver fee and other insurance options.
  • You must present a credit card with a minimum availability of $ 1,000.00 for the security deposit.
  • Costa Rican laws require drivers and passengers to use safety belts. Child seats are mandatory in Costa Rica. Please check with your car rental company for further details.

What is the best protection against mosquito bites?

People commonly use commercial repellent, long sleeves shirts and long pants made of lightweight cotton, in those areas where there are many mosquitoes.

Are there any poisonous animals in Costa Rica?

There are 18 different varieties of poisonous snakes and some varieties of tarantulas in Costa Rica, but most of them are in the jungle and in wild areas. Is rare to find these animals in urban areas.

What are the Senior Travel Costa Rica Bank Account Numbers?

For Dollar currency:
Banco de Costa Rica: 001-0272284-4
Banco Nacional: 100-02-000-620744-6
Pay to the order of Agecomercial S.A.

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